Bibulous-o-graphy for ‘The Burning Chambers’ by Kate Mosse.

The first in a quartet, this truly epic novel sees best-selling Mosse return to Carcassone and the past as the Castholics and Huguenots clash in the Wars of Religion. We meet Minou, daughter of a rebellious bookseller, and Vidal, crazed with faith, and his former friend Piet, who questions everything. This is a story of love and loss, war and displacement, theology and philosophy. Kate Mosse joined us for an uproarious night at the brilliant Borders Book Festival in June 2018 to help us choose the perfect #novelpairing.

The Burning Chambers A
Grey B
Grey C
Grey D
Grey E
Grey F
The Burning Chambers G
Grey H
Grey I
Grey J
Grey K
Grey L
The Burning Chambers M
Grey N
Grey O
Grey P
Grey Q
Grey R
Grey S
Grey T
Grey U
Grey V
The Burning Chambers W
Grey X
Grey Y
Grey Z