Bibulous-o-graphy for ‘Brideshead Revisited’ by Evelyn Waugh.

Like Sebastian, Waugh’s classic novel of country houses, Catholicism and class, charms all who meet it. Those dreaming spires and golden hours – “an enclosed and enchanted garden”. And so much drinking! Happily and sadly, one of our booziest books: “The wines were too various…it was neither the quality nor the quantity that was at fault. It was the mixture.”

Grey A
Brideshead Revisited B
Brideshead Revisited C
Grey D
Grey E
Grey F
Brideshead Revisited G
Grey H
Grey I
Grey J
Grey K
Grey L
Grey M
Grey N
Grey O
Grey P
Grey Q
Brideshead Revisited R
Brideshead Revisited S
Grey T
Grey U
Grey V
Brideshead Revisited W
Grey X
Grey Y
Grey Z